In-Person vs Online Training

The in-person training allows participants to see the equipment being constructed from raw materials to a finished product and then see the testing of that equipment as both an individual component and as a full string.

The witnessing of these can only occur at an ESP manufacturing facility and is not possible online. So, the in-person training has a significant advantage in what a participant is able to witness.

The Online training allows a participant to review the training at their pace and can be done from any location.

The cost of the online training is substantially less than the monetary and time cost of flying to a location plus the associated expenses.



The in-person training allows for the greatest understanding of the equipment construction and testing, whereas the online training, also a stand-alone course, provides the greatest flexibility. The online course is generally for three types of participants:

  1. Those that cannot afford to be away from their location for the two weeks but still require a certified ESP course.
  2. Those that have taken the in-person training and want a refresher.
  3. Those that want to get a flavour of what the in-person training will be before committing to the in-person course.

Both types of training have a role; each are stand alone, but also complement each other. If you would like to discuss which is best for you or your organization, please go to Contact Us.


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