Training Overview


This ESP training program has been designed and refined by oil company personnel for over 15 years. The focus is to equip oil company personnel with a superior level of understanding that will allow them to make wise decisions for their respective companies with regards to the use of ESPs.


The training allows clients to be part of the day in the classroom learning the theory and the other part involved in hands on training.


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Class Type

Application Engineering – 9 day course – This is standard training program that involves all the areas mentioned above. This is geared toward Engineers and Technicians that deal with ESPs on a regular basis. They will be taught how to design an ESP – including cable and surface equipment. Plus this training will also include instruction on how to prevent the main problems that occur in the field.

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Please note that customized courses can be arranged to suit the needs of your company. Length of time has varied from 1 day to 4 weeks depending on the level of detail desired.

Class Size

Where possible the maximum number of students allowed during any program is 12. This will allow for individual questions and issues to be addressed during the training and provide time for personal attention to confidential questions regarding specific operations.


The main classroom instructor is not an employee of an ESP Company, but an independent professional trainer with over 35 years experience with ESPs working for an oil company, ESP company and now independent. This allows for presentation of all types of ESPs and also allows for questions regarding other ESP manufacturers.  To view a list of our trainers click here

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